Integration and Rehearsal Meeting


wandering with mobile equipment
Integration and Rehearsal Meeting was orgnized by Cluster Seguridad (Security and Defence Cluster) and was hold at Instituto Tecnológico ‘La Marañosa’ in La Marañosa near Madrit on 5th – 8th May 2014.
The following components were tested:

  • ICASs,
  • WiFi LAN,
  • 3G access to Internet,
  • IP-Adapters for: analog PMR, TETRA DMO (two different terminals), TETRA TMO (TETRANode), GSM based on Android terminal, TETRAPOL TMO,
  • dispatcher HMI,
  • PodNode transmission.

Workshop with Polish End-Users

Radmor presentation about ISI

On 28th May 2014 ITTI and Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association (PTPiREE) – Operator Office organized a workshop titled: Interoperability of Radio Dispatcher Systems for First Responders and Utilities that took place in Warsaw.

Radmor presentation about ISI

The workshop was addressed to crisis management centers, 112 centers, producers of PSC equipment, providers, developers and integrators of PPDR systems, first responders (police, fire brigade and emergency), utilities (energy, gas, water and sewerage), telecommunication operators.
The following presentations were shown:

  • Interoperability based on HIT-GATE IMS gateway for TETRA, TETRAPOL, GSM and WiMAX systems,
  • A concept of a versatile interoperability for radio systems
  • A strategy concept how to acquire future radio systems for different types of PPDR agencies
  • New technologies enabling participation of citizens in PPDR activities
  • Simulation as a tool to build competences and awareness in the crisis management
  • Simulation methods to improve crisis management procedures
  • Interoperability between TETRA networks – Inter-System Interface (ISI)

News about this event from Internet (in Polish)