Geryon project

Next Generation Technology Independent Interoperability of Emergency Services project – GERYON ( – is going to develop an innovative emergency inter-networking system that will be capable to connect First Responders’ existing communication systems and to enable the integration of next generation mobile networks by defining technology independent standardized interfaces and autonomic configuration and adaptation techniques using IMS technology. The demonstrator will include both circuit-switching transmission (e.g. PTT) and IP-oriented enhanced emergency services. The solution will affect both technical requirements and organizational needs. The objective is to provide a neutral or even versatile interface for interconnection. This interworking will be met analog/digital PMR and LTE standards. One of the goals is to improve data transmission capabilities within cross-network ecosystem created even ad-hoc in an incident site. The interconnection of different emergency networks means that the project outcomes have to solve many challenges related to identity management, security, signaling, transcoding and fast deployment of enhanced emergency services. From the technical point of view, the project will allow to prepare IMS-driven emergency services management platform. So, it will support the integration of e.g. TETRA/TEDS users. The developed software client for end‑user networks will allow using a subset of services through different access networks. Moreover it will be possible to provide enhanced emergency services support in 4G LTE/LTE‑Advanced network.

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