FREESIC project

FREESIC project aims at creating a solution that will allow highly secure and cost effective interoperability between communication infrastructures over the entireEurope.

The interoperability platform that interconnects First Responders’ systems must use the same level of security assurance or higher; otherwise the interoperability will create vulnerability. In addition, the interfaces to such systems are often classified because there are organizational, legal, intellectual property rights or contractual issues that limit the interoperability.

FREESIC project addresses this problem by investigating and proofing ways to provide the secure and cost effective interoperability between as many communication systems as possible without having to do never-ending one-to-one integration.

FREESIC project will be cost effective, based on EU standards and standard protocols including IPv6 so that the time and effort needed to integrate is minimal. The motivation for system integrators is in the form of new services they can provide to their users. The work can be reused later by different agencies using the same technology.

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