Dissemination activities

Dissemination activities performed by the HIT-GATE consortium partners:

Name of the eventDateVenueDescription and form of dissemination
After the Floods: Information Sharing, Decision Making and Collaboration During Major Incidents 7 March 2014College of Policing, Leeds, UKThe HIT-GATE Consortium member – Rinicom has participated the event entitled: “After the Floods: Information Sharing, Decision Making and Collaboration During Major Incidents”. It was organised by the College of Policing in the UK and attended by representatives from all divisions of Police, Fire Fighters and Ambulance in the UK. The main problem identified during the event was lack of interoperability between the forces. Presentation about the HIT-GATE project performed by Rinicom was accepted with great interest. Possibility of further detailed discussions about the project and the proposed solution was envisioned as well as opportunity that HIT-GATE project will be invited to do a demo to the UK First Responders.
Presentation to “Instituto Tecnológico La Marañosa”12 December 2013 San Martín de la Vega, SpainFirst HIT-GATE approach to the military research people who will support the organization of the demo. The aim of the presentation was to make them feel involved in the demo project by knowing in general terms the objective and work done by the consortium.
Presentation in CIDITES10 December 2013 Madrid, SpainAd hoc presentation to CIDITES, R&D Centre for Security Technologies located in military facilities. This RTO is a vehicle of the Ministry of Defence to connect civil R&D companies to the R&D branch of the Ministry. It is important to aware CIDITES about the project in order to facilitate the understanding of the military personnel regarding the demo.
MILPOL 201318-22 November 2013Paris, FranceThe MILPOL exhibition is one major event that brings together government and public authority security departments and the defence industry to discover cutting-edge technical innovations in defense and security solutions. During the MILPOL event HIT-GATE consortium partner - RINICOM largely publicized the Hit-Gate project as a possible PodNode application.
Public Safety Communication Europe Conference29-30 October 2013Bucharest RomaniaThe HIT-GATE consortium partner -KEMEA provided a presentation with the following subject: “User Requirements for Interoperability Gateway with IMS Core to Integrate Public Safety Communications”, presented by Mr. Georgios KIOUMOURTZIS, Centre for Security Studies, Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection.
Professional LTE9-11 October 2013London, The United KingdomIn this event HIT-GATE consortium partner - Rohill demonstrated the interoperability between TETRA and LTE using the HIT-GATE technology. Generally speaking not only this event was a great opportunity for demonstrating Hit-Gate results but also to promote the project’s results and network with the end user community.
XXIX National Symposium on Telecommunications and ICT, KSTiT 20134-6 September 2013 Gdańsk, PolandNational Symposium on Telecommunications and ICT includes scientific conference and business presentations of manufacturers. Project has come into existence in a public forum.
National Conference on Radio communications and Broadcasting, KKRRiT 201310-12 June 2013Wrocław, PolandNational Conference on Radio communications and Broadcasting includes scientific conference and business presentations of manufacturers. Presentation of the first results of the project.
Critical Communications World 201321-24 May 2013Paris, FranceThe Critical Communications World is an exhibition with more than 130 exhibitors showing the latest TETRA and Critical Broadband Equipment and Software.
Presentation of the HIT-GATE project has been provided to the audience of the event. The goals of the HIT-GATE project were presented, the consortium was introduced, the first results were reported and the next steps were presented. There was confirmed that our industry can benefit from the experience brought by the HIT-GATE project and have announced that functionality of HIT-GATE will be integrated within project partner Rohil’s TetraNode product line.
XVI Poznań Festival of Science and Art10 April 2013 Poznań, PolandPoznań Festival of Science and Art is a meeting to popularize sciences including ICT techniques. The HIT-GATE project objectives and a demonstration were shown.
PSC-E Forum28-29 November 2012 Rome, ItalyA HIT-GATE poster were exhibited and feedbacks from First Responders gathered regarding the first results produced during the beginning of the project (User requirements, first draft architecture and services to be provided).
XXVIII National Symposium on Telecommunications and ICT, KSTiT 201212-14 September 2012 Warsaw, PolandNational Symposium on Telecommunications and ICT includes scientific conference and business presentations of manufacturers. The HIT-GATE project has come into existence in a public forum.
Security Division quarterly periodic meeting18 July 2012 Amura Hotel, Getafe, Madrid, SpainInside the presentations about the current innovation projects, the objectives of the project HIT-GATE have been disseminated to marketing and commercial personnel. The possible synergies of the expected results with the new products of HIT-GATE consortium partner - Amper have been analyzed to be disseminated the potential of the project to current clients and even the future inclusion of HIT-GATE expected products as extension in current maintenance projects of end-users legacy infrastructures.
Discover – Innovate – Integrate: the Amper annual meeting 201212-16 March 2012 Royal Palm Tower Hotel, Sao Paulo, BrazilInside the conferences about the status of the company (HIT-GATE consortium partner - Amper), the Hit-Gate project has been disseminated, mainly to the commercial forces.
The information disseminated has been focused on the project objectives, the expected results to the company and possible interests to future customers.

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