Project structure

The following WPs are defined:

WP1: Management and RTD Coordination

This WP main objectives are to ensure that the following is achieved within the scope of this project:

  • Scientific/technical goals and objectives
  • Scope, schedule, calendar and budget
  • Identification, management and mitigation of risks
  • HIT-GATE quality and users’ validity
  • Required administrative work (e.g., EU reporting).

WP2: User Requirements and Scenarios

The main objective of this WP is to provide information needed at the system design, implementation and demonstration phases. It will be achieved by analysis of case studies, definition of scenarios, gathering user requirements for public safety communication system and analysis of current technical challenges (such as security, scalability, quality of service, interconnection or compatibility with IPv6), as well as legal, pre-procurement and organisational aspects (e.g. processes, policies and security). End-users and other stakeholders will take active part in all tasks and activities of this WP.

WP3: System Requirements and Architecture

This WP main objectives are:

  • To provide a clear, consistent and complete system-level requirement specification as a base for design of the HIT-GATE components and system testing and validation activities
  • To define the HIT-GATE top-level architecture, including its main components, the externally visible properties of those components, and their relationships
  • To allocate system requirements to (i) user requirements and (ii) its constituent-components and keep its traceability to system level
  • To define a plan for demonstration of HIT-GATE.

WP4: Research and Development of HIT-GATE Components

In this WP, the HIT-GATE software and hardware components will be developed (e.g., detailed designed and source-code), assembled and unit tested.

In this WP, the HIT-GATE testbed, including a set of user services, will also be developed for purposes of system qualification and demonstration.

WP5: System Integration, Testing and Validation

This WP main objectives are:

  • To integrate all developed HIT-GATE components into a coherent working system
  • To test the HIT-GATE system, first in a laboratory (simulated) environment and then in a field environment. The testing will include assessment of HIT-GATE performance and identification non-compliances with requirements
  • To provide training to First Responders on HIT-GATE
  • To set HIT-GATE prototype ready for demonstration.

WP6: HIT-GATE Demonstration

This WP main objective is to demonstrate HIT-GATE capabilities by recreating a scenario involving deployment of First-Responders from different national and/or European entities.

WP7: Standardization and Dissemination

This WP main objectives are:

  • Produce recommendations for standards on an interoperable gateway for PSC
  • Perform dissemination activities
  • Conduct a final workshop.

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